KWIKSPAR OBZ is a family business that is founded on good family values. We support a number of arts, educational and social values-building initiatives such as AFDA Film School, Jubilee Church, St Luke’s Hospice, Woodstock Police and Dreyden Primary School. A customer reported that KWIKSPAR is more than just a supermarket, it’s truly a community store. The staff are helpful, friendly and welcoming. Many people from many different ethnic, educational and class backgrounds come to shop at KWIKSPAR OBZ - to get what they need to live.

It is clear that many people enjoy their time in the store. Just to be there is a good feeling. “KWIKSPAR OBZ is a place I enjoy going - its a cultural event in itself to shop there, since so many different kinds of folks from all over SA, Africa and the world of all ages can be seen and even chatted to,” the customer said. KWIKSPAR OBZ also gives wonderful opportunities for customers to win prizes. Like the recent Lenovo Tab 3 Wifi Tablet, to name a few. If you want to know anything more please contact Cesaro Rodrigues (manager) or Alcino Pecego (owner) on 021-448 0409 or email on

These great deals are available until Sunday, 8 December 2019.